In Airpharm Logistics we specialise in national and international freight transport. Our agents will advise you to choose the transport of goods that suits your needs best. We have offices all over the world. Together with the Pharmafreight and Global Freight Group network that cover 99% of the main origins / destinations of international trade. Our IATA and ADR certified staff will deal with any type of merchandise.

Our freight transport

Among all our services we offer transport of goods. In Airpharm we import and export goods of all kinds, including hazardous materials.

We are also accredited freight agents (ES-RA-0019). We are committed to complying with the obligations contained in the National Civil Aviation Security Program in relation to air cargo transportation.

A service adapted to your needs

We adapt to the needs of shipments and costumers. We are aware that each shipment requires a personalised and situation-adjusted service. Therefore, our services include all the certifications and accreditations essential for the outstanding management of each shipment. Controlled temperature, qualified personnel, accredited agents, insurance, consultants, etc.

Excellence and quality

We offer three different means of transport. road transport, sea freight and air cargo

Our staff is highly qualified. We have ADR and IATA certifications. These certifications ensure the transport of goods under the highest quality standards in the handling and management of pharmaceutical products in air logistics.

freight transport

Do you need to hire a freight service? Airpharm Logistics can help you. Contact us and request information without any obligation.

Sea freight

Why to choose us as your freight company

We have partner offices in more than 80 countries, through Pharmafreight and Global Freight Group. This allows us to operate with our agents in more than 99% of the main countries of international trade (both in origin and destination) .

Following the needs of each shipment, we take into account the cold chain for pharmaceuticals, vaccines and chemicals and for fresh products. All our shipments follow a controlled temperature supply chain.

Data recording service: programming, data download and issuing of reports. In addition, we include a cargo insurance, full coverage for any damage or loss of cargo. We have a commitment with our clients to always offer the best possible solutions and thus, always exceed their expectations.

Tailored solutions for your shipments

We offer weekly cargo consolidation to improve the cost effectiveness of international freight transport.

If you need it, we take care of transporting through triangular international trade operations. These are operations in which 3 or more actors are involved, including the manufacturer, intermediaries and buyer or final customer. With our freight transport, the shipment will arrive directly from the country of origin to the final destination. No need to go through the countries of intermediaries.