Our CSR policy aims to be a frame of reference that contributes to develop the industry by providing value for each of our stakeholders, (shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers and community), in an ethical, responsible and sustainable manner.


In Airpharm we understand Corporate Social Responsibility as the commitment we have with Society for the impact that our activity generates in the environment. We want to contribute to a new model of sustainable development, for which we have designed an Action Plan with the participation of representatives of the different departments and branches of the company. We address the issues that concern our stakeholders, in regard to economic, environmental, social and ethical issues and conscious governance.

Our Action Plan is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), proposed by the United Nations in the 2030 Agenda.

We work to achieve the following objectives:

Economic issues
  • A contribution to the competitiveness of the company, oriented to the generation of maximum economic value and its balanced distribution among the different stakeholders.
  • Accountability to all interested parties on the management of economic resources, based on the criteria of generated and distributed value.
  • Compliance with current tax and tax legislation in the different countries and territories in which the company operates.
Scope of corporate governance
  • The defense of ethical behavior and rejection of all unfair behavior or practices of bribery or corruption.
  • Compliance with local and international Commitments related to the Corporate Social Responsibility of our company.
  • The protection of corporate reputation and the contribution to the competitiveness of the company in the short, medium and long term.
  • The promotion of transparency and trust among all stakeholders, through dialogue, open communication and accountability.
Environmental issues
  • The consolidation of our commitment to environmental protection and the sustainable use of resources.
  • Proper waste management, encouraging reduction, reuse and recycling
Labour concerns
  • Taking people and their personal and professional development into account, as they are main asset of the company.
  • Talent management Under a favorable framework of labour relations based on equal opportunities and non-discrimination, it aims to the generation of a safe and healthy work environment, respect for human rights and integration of disadvantaged groups, as well as to facilitate the work/life balance.
  • The setting of an equitable, responsible and transparent compensation policy that favours the hiring of the best professionals and strengthens the human capital of the company.
Social issues
  • The strengthening of links with the community, through active participation in social actions and projects that favour the integration of the company in the neighborhood, social cohesion, human development and support for disadvantaged groups.
  • The promotion of corporate volunteering programmes that promote the participation of employees in solidarity actions.

Our CSR policy has been developed to become a point of reference and a way of generating value for all our stakeholders (Clients, Partners, Shareholders, Suppliers, Community).


Airpharm is committed to be a sustainable business, analysing the impacts that our activity generates on the different interest groups, combining this with business efficiency, applying Ethical and Good Governance criteria.

Our CSR is based on:

  1. Setting commitments to answer in a balanced way to the needs and expectations (beyond legal obligations) that arise from analysing the economic, environmental, social and ethical impacts / governance – that the company’s activity has on the different stakeholders .
  2. Transparent accountability to move towards a model of sustainable development and a sustainable society:
  • Equitable in the distribution of wealth
  • Conciliatory and socially cohesive
  • Efficient and rational in the use of resources
  • Ethical, in its business approach
rsc Airpharm | social responsibility


Based on these principles we have developed the following commitments:


  • Our priority is to adapt our services to the needs of the client, offering them tools and knowledge that favour their success in the business, within a context of sustainable development, in which business efficiency and economic, social and environmental impact come into balance.
  • Share our CSR vision, through Workshops and Training.


  • Design of a training plan tailored to the needs.
  • Flexible compensation plan.
  • Advance in regard to work/life balance and flexibility.
  • Set of actions that result in the physical, emotional and social well-being of employees.
  • Environmental awareness actions.


  • Execution, assessment, and budget tracking.
  • Feasibility study to calculate and reduce the carbon footprint.
  • Participation in activities that allow and promote the socioeconomic development of the area.
  • Work and collaborate in actions that benefit the Community. Volunteering.


  • Strict monitoring in compliance with payment deadlines
  • Development of an ethical purchases policy
  • Supplier approval systems according to CSR criteria
  • Implementation of projects in collaboration with CSR, for its promotion and integration.


  • Neighbourhood integration programme
  • Development of a program of sponsorships and donations to non-profit organizations
  • Prioritisation of local markets
  • Consumption reduction and recycling plan
  • Hiring of local staff
  • Hiring people at risk of exclusion
  • Commitment to Human Rights.


Airpharm, In order to promote transparency and communication, Airpharm has designed a Communication Plan which details the different communication channels and their frequency, ensuring that different stakeholders can access Information, Consultation, Dialogue and Collaboration. Thus promoting responsible communication.


To implement the proposed CSR policies, we have different management and participation bodies.

GUIDANCE – General Management, together with the members of the Steering Committee, it ensures the strategic direction and monitoring of the road map, reporting to the Board of Directors.

LEADERSHIP – CSR Management, ensures and supervises the achievement of the CSR objectives and coordinates the CSR work team.

COORDINATION – CSR Committee,Ensures the development of projects as planned, ensuring coordination and transversality.

IMPLEMENTATION – Project Teams. These are teams or people with specific skills to implement the projects in the different fields of action.