Involve our community in our business philosophy, through transparency, vision and social, economic and environmental commitment.


At Airpharm, we understand Corporate Social Responsibility as the commitment we have with Society, to minimise the impact that our activity generates in the environment.

Since its beginnings, Airpharm, has worked on its Corporate Social Responsibility in its business management, as a strategic business guide.

We want to contribute to a new model of sustainable development, for which we have designed an Action Plan that addresses the main issues of concern for our stakeholders, such as economic, environmental and social impacts.

Our Action plan is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals proposed by the United Nations in the 2030 Agenda.

Ethics and conscious governance in the management of our company’s activities are also core elements of our Corporate Social Responsibility.


We have designed a Corporate Social Responsibility communication plan, where our priority is not simply to inform, but to create two-way communication channels which use clear language and are adapted to the stakeholders we address, allowing us to keep communication channels open, analyse concerns, needs and expectations, implementing actions that answer to the stakeholders’ proposals.

Communication issues include environmental, social, economic, and ethical aspects and good governance.

In line with the sustainable development goals proposed by the United Nations in the 2030 Agenda.


In 2011, we started our first formal actions regarding Corporate Social Responsibility (from now on CSR) participating in the Transparency project, and developing our first CSR report. That started our CSR journey, with a 9-year roadmap, defining the following stages:

  • Stage 1 Launch 2011-2015
  • Stage 2 Internalisation 2016
  • Stage 3 Consolidation 2017-2020.

In 2015, at Airpharm,we decided to take a new approach to CSR, providing the project with greater solidity, and aiming to expand CSR practices to the entire company. This project was endorsed directly by the General Management and supported by the management team.

In 2016, as a result of the relaunching of the CSR, we developed a Work Plan which involved 30 employees in representation of the different departments and branches of the company. Four workshops were held with a focus on stakeholders, titled; “Identification and prioritisation”, “Needs and expectations”, “The Relations Framework”, “Prioritisation of actions”,

As a result of these workshops (held during 2016) and of the analysis carried out on the economic, environmental, social and ethical impacts that the company’s activity has on the different interest groups, we concluded our material aspects as a sustainability strategy and as a business strategy, approved by our stakeholders and by the senior management of the company.

Materiality can be variable in time and space, so in 2017 we conducted a conclusive workshop with our work team, with a total of 30 workers from different departments and branches, in which we analysed whether our social impacts, environmental and good governance had continuity or had to introduce changes. The conclusion was that we kept the material aspects detected in 2016, and that we are maintaining for the 2018 report. [102-46]

From the results of the 2017 workshop we developed theFour-year Action Plan 2017-2020. This Corporate Social Responsibility Action Plan is a living document, which is reviewed on a quarterly basis by the internal CSR commission, and an annual meeting is held for its follow-up and update, maintaining the objectives of Competitiveness, Reputation and Trust, Transparency and Commitment and Participation; The meeting also defines working groups that will carry out the actions resulting from the needs and expectations of the different Interest Groups.

Airpharm Logistics is certified as an emotionally healthy company (EES) for implementing a Psychological and Emotional Support Program for our employees and their families.


Certificate of an Emotionally Healthy Company issued by the “Salud y Persona” Foundation (Barcelona), which certifies that Airpharm Logistics is an Emotionally Healthy Company for the program of Psychological and Emotional Support to its employees and families. The EES certificate number is 015/20

Our Action Plan is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals proposed by the United Nations, in its 2015-2030 Agenda. Our contribution to sustainable development focuses on the following objectives:


Objetive nº 3

Health and Well-being Ensuring a healthy life and promoting well-being at all ages. This is implemented through projects such as “Back School”, “Tobacco: Breaking the Habit”, “Cardioprotected spaces”, “AECC prevention talks and health newsletter”.

Objetive nº 4

Education and Quality. Ensure inclusive, equitable and quality education. We make collaboration agreements with Institutes and Universities for the training of interns and we develop an annual Training Plan for our employees.

Objetive nº 8

Dignified work and economic growth. We aim to promote long-term, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and dignified work for all. In order to comply with this we apply all union agreements in the industry, ensuring the right to dignified work and with guarantees. We favor local employment and hire young people after the internship periods, if positions are available.

Objetive nº 10

Reduction of inequalities. To reduce inequalities in and between countries. We collaborate in the training of young people at risk of exclusion.

Objetive nº 11

Sustainable cities and communities. Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. We implement actions aimed at promoting socio-economic and educational activity in the neighborhood where our offices in Barcelona are located.

Objetive nº 13

Climate action To take urgent measures to combat climate change and its consequences. ISO 14001 certification in environmental management.

Objetive nº 16

Peace, justice and strong institutions. Development of an ethical code.

Objetive nº 17

Alliances to achieve the objectives. We are adhered to CSR expert organisations, such as and Forética, we sign collaboration agreements with organisations and entities, share good practices in conferences and workshops, and complete and verify our yearly CSR report.


Main actions


We collaborate with organisations committed to scientific development and health, particularly with those that have children and teenagers as their target, understanding this as the best way to reinvest in our Society.


As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, we develop activities in the neighborhood where the offices in Barcelona are placed. Concerned about some shortcomings in the area, we decided to create a work program that we have called “Proyecto Barrio”. This Project includes, among other initiatives, Corporate Volunteering.


We share our CSR vision through corporate social responsibility workshops and training.


Budgetary and environmental concerns.


Development of a healthy business plan that includes initiatives aimed at different areas: physical space, psychosocial environment, time management and healthy lifestyle, ensuring a healthy value chain.


Dissemination of the ethical code among suppliers and prioritisation of local market purchases.




2020 CSR Report

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2019 CSR Report

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2018 CSR Report

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2017 CSR Report

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2016 CSR Report

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2015 CSR Report

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2014 CSR Report

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2013 CSR Report

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2012 CSR Report

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2011 CSR Report

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Click this image to view the 2020 CSR Report

During 2019, Airpharm Logistics has remained committed to its CSR values, which are reflected in our 2019 CSR Report, which we summarize in this interactive infographic.


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