Airpharm’s offices worldwide together with Global Freight Group’s agent network cover 90% of the main international trade destinations. Our ADR and IATA certified personnel will handle all kinds of cargo.

Accredited Cargo Agents (ES-RA-0019).
Import and export general and hazardous cargo (Air-Sea-Land).
Staff qualified with ADR and IATA certifications.
Cool Chain: Controlled temperature shipments
Data Logger Service: programming, data download and report generation.
Weekly cargo consolidation
Partner’s offices in 80 countries, through Global Freight Group
Triangular operations
Cargo insurance, full coverage of any damage or loss of cargo
International Trade Consultancy
Members of Pharmafreight

National Distribution: Collections and deliveries to any place; standard or urgent service, refrigerated, own HAZ MAT transport, oversized transport…

Local and national deliveries within 24 hours

Airpharm offers logistical and distribution services that satisfy the specific needs of the pharmaceutical industry, as well as the chemical and veterinary. Our warehouses are approved for drugs, raw materials and finished goods

20.000 m2 or 10.000 pallet positions
Qualified cold stores
Warehouses homologated for medicine, raw materials and sanitary products for the chemical, pharmaceutical and veterinary industries.
Computerized warehouse process and shipping management system Labware IP6 using barcode and radiofrequency technology.
Order fulfillment
Picking, adapted and directed to improve the performance of our clients’ internal supply chain.
Expiration control
Quarantine management
Stock management (FEFO)
Processes and systems validated in compliance with GMP and GDP regulation, and FDA regulation.
Temperature and humidity monitored warehouses
Traceability by batch and packaging
Chemical product warehousing APQ registry
Security advisor

Airpharm’s customs clearance department is well experienced in handling any documentation needs, being a AEO company and the first bonded warehouse in Barcelona (first type A in Spain).

Besides AEO certification and the authorizations that this status entails, AIRPHARM is authorized by the Customs and Special Taxes Department for the following:

Customs clearance (import and export)
Bonded Warehouse
Non Bonded Warehouse
Transit issuing
Scanned documentation
International Trade Consultancy

Outsourcing Services

Airpharm can take care of all your logistics process, throughout its outsourcing services. An exhaustive study of the client’s KPI will lead to an action plan to improve their productivity,

Advantages for the client:

  • The lab is focused on its core business and externalizes that which doesn’t add value to their product
  • Fixed costs become variable
  • Visibility and transparency
  • More effiicient operations
  • Flexibility
  • Decrease on investment risk
  • Increase in productivity
  • Decrease in complexity
  • Creation of a collaborators network
  • N.S. 98% on delivery
  • Incidences <0,01%