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Corporate Social Responsibility

It is known that enterprises are the ones generating the most change in society, so it becomes natural that they assume the responsibility of the new future they are creating.
The CSR is based on what companies can do, not on what they have to do. Its about opportunity, not obligation or rules. Basically, it is about adding value to a company by analyzing some of its social and environmental activities.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a corporate strategy which implies company’s commitment, through a systematic placement of its resources, to respect and promote people’s rights, society’s development and the environment. This commitment translates to specific actions seeking to benefit all interested parties (shareholders, employees, clients, suppliers, and the community in its while), reaching a better performance and achieving its own sustainability and its environment’s.

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On January 2012 Airpharm concluded its first Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report regarding the year 2011.

This sustainability Report, based on the G3 Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Guide, within the tRanSparènCia project guidelines, has the mission to represent, reasonably and equaly, all the information related to the economic, environmental and social task of the company.

tRanSparènCia is an entrepreneurial worldwide project, started by the Consell de Cambres de Catalunya, with the economic support of Generalitat de Catalunya’s SOC, and the technical support of the GRI, to which Airfarm was invited to participate throught the Port de Barcelona’s work team.

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