Airpharm | New agreement between AIRFARM and Mundo Sano Foundation

New agreement between AIRFARM and Mundo Sano Foundation


A new agreement between AIRFARM and Mundo Sano Foundation has been signed on 7th of May 2011 . Mundo Sano Foundation is a non-profit organization involved in the research and prevention of transmissible diseases such as Chagas disease, dengue or hantaviruses diseases.

Born in 1993, develops and manages intervention models based on technology transfer in order to share approaches or models with the affected communities and trying to integrate scientific activities and the needs of the most socially vulnerable areas.

Currently chaired by Dr. Silvia Gold, its aim is to achieve tangible results which can be applied to different situations, both domestic and international, with projects that tend to achieve assessable and sustainable social impact.

On the basis of a multidisciplinary work, Mundo Sano is financed by private companies concerned with scientific knowledge applied to improve living conditions of the most affected areas.

The intention of AIRFARM with the sign of this new agreement is to obtain the continuity and stability to the initiatives that the Foundation has been carrying with CRESIB to mitigate the impact of tropical diseases neglected around the world.